During this sewing course, the student will choose projects under the guidance and approval of the teacher. Each student will learn sewing skills at his/her pace while doing the project of his/her choice. He/she will learn the basics of sewing: how to use a sewing machine, read a pattern and understand the vocabulary. Small groups of four to five students. A vast array of projects to choose from: bag, pyjamas, dress, sweater, skirt, etc. 



12 classes  -  1 x week -  2 hrs/class

* See the courses schedule for details 


This mommy (or daddy)-baby course is where you'll discover the joys of sewing while having your baby present in class with you. For your first project, you will sew a little bag, and then you decide whether you want to create a project for your kid or yourself.



5 classes  -  1 x week - 2h30/class

* See the courses schedule for details


This course allows you to discover the world of sewing and its benefits, together with your child. You will each make a pouch and reusable bag. Minimum of two parent-child duos for the class to be held.


5 classes - 1 x week - 2 hrs/class

* See the courses schedule for details



you will learn how to use a sewing machine and will complete the mandatory project, which is a clutch bag. Following the completion of this first project, you'll be able to work on your personal projects with the help and support of your teacher. Each student learn sewing at their own paste with the project they wish to complete. You will also familiarize yourself with the specific sewing vocabulary and learn how to cut, trace and read a pattern. 



5 classes  -  1 x week -  3 hrs/class

Completion of three projects (approx.)

* See the courses schedule for details 



This course is offered to adults who have completed the introductory course or have good knowledge of sewing. It will allow you to make your own project with the help and guidance of a teacher.  



5 classes  -  1 x week -  3 hrs/class

* See the courses schedule for details 


Private lessons will enable you to develop your sewing skills faster and more efficiently. Minimum of a two hours classes at a time.

* Fabric is NOT included but available for a small extra fee


$70 / 2hrs 

$95 / 3hrs



$87 / 2hrs / 2 participants 

$121 / 3hrs / 2 participants 


We want to party with you on your birthday!

You will be able to choose your fabrics and then create a clutch bag with one of our sewing machines.

$30 per person

Approximately four hours of activities

Maximum of six participants

Minimum age required is seven years old.


This sewing camp allows students to learn sewing or continue to sew during the summer and improve their skills. Classes will be given in small groups of five to six students. The program includes individual projects, fabric painting, clothes recycling, weaving, lunch in the park and other activities. As of seven years old.


2020 Summer day camp

* Minimum of three participants